1. Storytelling
* Benefit of stories
* intrinsic reality
* capture attention
* let the audience interpret the message in his/her own way

2. Counter-intuitive
* Counter-intuitive messengers and Counter-intuitive messages are persuasive.

3. Authority / Credibility
* Expert
* Trustworthy

4. Contrast
* We believe things from what we encountered immediately.

Storytelling Exercise:
1. Last time I interviewed a person from Africa, who does not think US is helpful for African people. Compared with US, he trusts EU much more, since EU devotes much larger amount of money than US per year. And maybe foreign aid is one of the bad images which US shows to the world that, its works are really not that good.

2. 10 billion is big money, however, compared with the whole world, it’s kind of a dribble in a cup of water, which means that the US spends the least proportion in the whole amount of foreign aid fund.

5. Reciprocity
* tangible
* intangible
* expressions o appreciation, disclosure, acknowledgement
* Concessions: What can i afford to give away

6. Liking
* We are influenced by people we know and like
* We like people:
* Who like us
* Who are similar to us
* Who have cooperated with us for common goals
* With whom we have pleasant associations
* Liking is not giving up everything, people like who has own attitudes